Leishman body

Leishman body

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • Leishman body — Leish·man body lēsh mən n LEISHMAN DONOVAN BODY …   Medical dictionary

  • Leishman-Donovan body — Leish·man Don·o·van body dän ə vən n a protozoan of the genus Leishmania (esp. L. donovani) in its nonmotile stage that is found esp. in cells of the skin, spleen, and liver of individuals affected with leishmaniasis and esp. kala azar compare… …   Medical dictionary

  • Leishman , Sir William Boog — (1865–1926) British bacteriologist Leishman was born in Glasgow, the son of the regius professor of medicine at the university there. He himself was educated at the university, where he obtained his MD in 1886. He immediately joined the Army… …   Scientists

  • body — 1. The head, neck, trunk, and extremities. The human b., consisting of head (caput), neck (collum), trunk (truncus), and limbs (membra). 2. The material part of a human, as distinguished from the …   Medical dictionary

  • leishman-donovan body — ¦līshmənˈdänəvən , ˈdən noun Usage: usually capitalized L&D Etymology: after Sir William B. Leishman died 1926 English army surgeon & Charles Donovan died 1951 Irish physician : a protozoan of the genus Leishmania (especially L. donovani) in its… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Leishman-Donovan body — see Leishmania [Sir W. B. Leishman (1865–1926), British surgeon; C. Donovan (1863–1951), Irish physician] …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • Leishman — Sir William B., Scottish surgeon, 1865–1926. See Leishmania, L. chrome cells, under cell, L. stain, L. Donovan body …   Medical dictionary

  • Leishman–Donovan body — …   Useful english dictionary

  • John George Alexander Leishman — (1857 1924) was an American businessman and diplomat. He worked in various executive positions at Carnegie Steel Company and later served as an ambassador for the United States.BiographyJohn George Alexander Leishman was born in Pittsburgh,… …   Wikipedia

  • Donovan body — Don·o·van body dän ə vən , dən n an encapsulated gram negative bacterium of the genus Calymmatobacterium (C. granulomatis) that is the causative agent of granuloma inguinale and is characterized by one or two opposite polar chromatin masses… …   Medical dictionary

  • Leish|man-Don|o|van body — «LEESH muhn DON uh vuhn», a small, oval protozoan which is transmitted by insects to the human bloodstream in various forms of leishmaniasis. ╂[< William B. Leishman and Charles Donovan] …   Useful english dictionary